2024 Annual Meeting-Banquet.                  Save the Date.  February 22, 2024

5th Grade Field Days.   The Vigo County Soil and Water Conservation District hosted the 5th Grade Field Days at the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds on September 12, 13 and 14.

986 Vigo County 5th graders participated this year.   They learned about water quality, soil health, livestock and Alpacas, the importance of agriculture and its history, weather and conservation.

Approximately 40 volunteers were involved with three day event.

Financial support came from the Vigo County Soil and Water Conservation District, Farm Bureau and BE-N-Ag farms 

Our District

The Vigo County Soil and Water Conservation District was officially organized by landowners on January 23, 1950.  The District is a sub-division for the State of Indiana is responsible for soil and water conservation activities in Vigo County.  The district does not have any legal or regulatory power.  It cannot replace or duplicate the functions of local government units.

Our Purpose

To promote the wise use of soil, water and natural resources by providing education and technical assistance to individual landowners, operators, homeowners, organizations, agencies and units of government.  To analyze local needs and development programs aimed at solving problems of soil and water conservation.  Through the District, these problems are solved largely by land users themselves, with assistance furnished by various organizations and agencies.

Our Mission

To take an active role in the conservation, development, and productive use of our soil, water and related natural resources.

Grant Opportunities 
Please contact us for current conservation programs.  To see information about our Clean Water Indiana Grant for the Otter Creek watershed, click here and here for the application. 


Phil Carter, Chairman – Appointed

Casey Evans, Vice Chairman – Elected

Ethan Wyrick, Treasurer – Elected

Clint Wiley, Secretary – Appointed

Jeremy Sporer, Member – Elected

You can contact the SWCD and NRCS staff at:  (812)-232-0193 ext. 3

Soil and Water Conservation District Staff:

Brendan Kearns, District Director, Resource Conservationist.  Brendan.Kearns@VigoCounty.in.gov 

Laura Tohill   Administrative Assistant    Laura.Tohill@vigocounty.in.gov



Vigo County Soil and Water Conservation District

3241 S. 3rd Pl.-Honey Creek West

Terre Haute, IN 47802-5252

Office: (812)-232-0193 ext. 3